Why did I create this website?

  1. So first take the information about our website  Friends, as you know, we have a channel on our YouTube, in which we cover octapad on the mobile with song and make a cover video that is the name of apk is mobile octapad and in that apk we absolutely like patch like octapad Creates videos by uploading youtube. So the thing is that I give my patch to the people and we would give them link in the description of the video, but all our youtube family members said that the brothers made you a website and well thought out if the website If all the brothers want to download patches and music songs, they will finally make the website.

मैंने यह वेबसाइट क्यों बनाई ?
  1. तो  पहले हमारे वेबसाइट के बारेमे जन लेते है ,दोस्तों जेसा की आपको पता है की  हमारा  youtube  पर mobile octapad के नाम से एक channel है  जिसमे हम  आपको mobile पर octapad  apk को गाने के साथ cover करते  है और एक cover वीडियोस बनाते है  उस apk क नाम है drum machine  और उस apk में हम बिलकुल octapad की तरह patch बनाके youtube पे videos अपलोड करते है| तो बात आयसी है की माय ओ patch आपलोगोको को भी देता हु और ओ हम वीडियो  के दिस्क्रिप्शामं  में link देके देते थे लेकिन हमारी  सभी youtube  family  मेसे बहोत सरे लोगों ने कहा की भाई आप 1 वेबसाइट ही बना दो और मुजे भी लगा की अगर website बना दी तो सभी भाई अपनी मर्जीसे कोंसे भी patches और म्यूजिक गाने sample download कर पायेंग तो finally मायने ये वेबसाइट बनाइ. 


on this website you will find mobile octapad  patches sample.in mp3 and wav format

  1. downloads mobile octapad patches,
  2. download octapad sound and sample. 
  3. download octapad high-quality HD sample and pack.
  4. download mobile octapad remix songs.
  5. download octapad and music android app 
and all the things that are relayed from our channel or music is relayed all of them... 


 omprakash zade

My name Omprakash zade

Student,Youtuber,Editor & blogger

My name is Omprakash Zade I'm 18 years old. from Maharashtra (INDIA) I am currently studying.12th class and I have a  Youtuber channel on youtube  channel name is mobile octapad  please visit!


 First of all I like internet, new tech interne is my favorite. I Love editing photo and video , I love music, hindi and Marathi songs is my favorite. I spend quite a lot of time in traveling and photography, these keeps me fresh for working environment. I like latest technology knowledge also. And I’m playing games free time with my frinds 

  • internet
  • photo-video-Editing
  • music
  • Traveling
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  • Gaming
I like making patches on mobile octapad and playing it very well. apart from this, I enjoy all the things related to the internet, computer, software, and technology.

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